Whoremonger Travel Culture

This Travel Culture has existed since the beginning of time.

You will meet this travel culture if you travel the world, it cannot be avoided.

This is normally men, although there are also women who do this in "The Gambia, Senegal," and a few isolated cities on the planet.

This culture dominates in offshore cities, and readers should read, learn so they can avoid if they want, or enter these cities the want, but to accidentally go to these major cities would be traumatic, or an interesting and intriguing vacation.

Pattaya, Thailand
Angeles City,  Philippines
Sosua, Dominican Republic

Dave from Cuba

As a world traveler, there is no way to avoid this type of man, or the cities they frequent, it is a culture that has always existed.

Generally, the portrayal by news, books, and even these men is full of exaggerated accounts of how this works. This is the oldest business on the plan, and it is quite simple, a woman wants money, and the man pays.

The location where this culture exists are often a little more dangerous than normal, but for the most part safe. If it basic human nature, and fun to listen and observe.

List of Stereotypical Characteristics of Men

1. Show photos with smart phone in swipe to see method of girls.

2. Do not talk as friends with girls.

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There are approximately 20 listed in total, and ways to make these men angry, defensive of this travel culture:

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