Emergence 1908, the hitchhiking travel culture emerged when the average person became able to purchase, drive and share automobiles.

Hitchhiking Defined: Hitchhiking, also known as thumbing or hitching, is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, to share their transportation. The latter may require many rides from different people; a ride is usually, but not always, free.

Hitching a ride, sharing transport by people began when working animas were first domesticated by humans and trained to perform transportation tasks.

Hitchhiking Claudette Colbert Clark Ggable


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On a trip through Southern and Western Ireland (1994) my girl friend and I would pick up hitch hikers traveling between cities. The hitchers we saw were mostly high school and college aged kids looking for rides. Not sure if the hitching culture is still alive and well in Ireland these days. I would hope the Stranger Danger horse hockey hasnt invaded there culture. I hitched a few times myself when I was in my teens here in the US.

Gadget from has written 5 comments

At age 28 I hitched from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Port St. Lucie, Florida, a few days at that age. It has always amazed me to listen to negative comments about hitchhiking. Generally the people who picked me up were always great, they gave with nothing to gain return, generous and helpful. When you put your thumb out, there is freedom in knowing it is all just hope and benevolence that is going to stop.

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I still think its a great way to travel. I like your line, There is freedom in knowing it is all just hope and benevolence that is going to stop. Any other Digital nomads out their tripping the hiking fantastic? :-)

rockybutte from wrote 1 comment

I hitched as a college student in Boston almost every day.It was normal. Never ran into trouble.

I hitched from Stuttgart, Germany to Rijeka, Croatia as a 20-something. The guy who picked me up in Stuttgart took me all the way. He spoke no English, but let me know that I was expected to light a cigarette for him on demand. I probably lit 40 smokes for him. He never offered me one. When we arrived in Rijeka he parked the car, got out and walked across the street to a cafe where he sat at a table with some friends and lit a cigarette.

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