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The History of Travel is an interactive book of when travel cultures became mainstream. Types of Travel

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The History of Travel Latest

Whoremonger Travel Culture

This Travel Culture has existed since the beginning of time.

Link Collection for History of Travel

This page is our collection of relevant links explaining the history off travel.

Christian Missionaries Travel Culture

The Christian Missionaries Travel Culture is rapidly growing as anybody with an Internet connection can set up a mission.

Surfing Travel Culture

Emerged in early 1700s, the Surfing Travel Culture has spread worldwide wherever waves adequate for surfing.

Pirate Travel Culture

The emergence of Pirate Travel Culture was prehistorical. It has existed for as long as the oceans have been plied for commerce.

Camel Train Caravan Travel Culture

Emergence in 3,000 B.C. of the camel train caravan travel culture, then a slow assimilation after the inventions of trains and trucks.

Gasoline-Powered Automobile Hitchhiking Travel Culture

Emergence 1908, the hitchhiking travel culture emerged when the average person became able to purchase, drive and share automobiles.

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